Why You Should Play the Guitar

If you’ve been thinking that you need to take up a new hobby or learn something new, I suggest guitar lessons. Learning how to play the guitar has other benefits besides adding another talent notch to your belt. Although, just being able to wow people with your guitar playing skills is enough of a reason to learn how to play a guitar, taking guitar lessons makes you and your brain better.

Learning how to play the guitar will improve your coordination. One of the best first songs you can learn is darius ruckers wagon wheel tab because it’s such an easy song. It only has about 4 chords total. You can find all the chords there, and learn how to play it.  Anyways, You know in order to catch a baseball you need hand-eye coordination. But what you might not realized is that playing a guitar while reading music also involves a lot of hand-eye coordination. Also, playing music is rhythmic. So not only do you have to coordinate your eyes and your hands but you have to keep a rhythm which adds element further strengthening hand-eye coordination.

Learning how to play a song or some chords gives you a very big sense of accomplishment. And even though making music isn’t tangible like making a cake, for example, you are still creating something beautiful. And that sense of accomplishment encourages people to try new things and gives them the courage to tackle things they may have otherwise shied away from.

Listening to music is a known stress reliever. Combine that with rhythmic strumming and you can play your blues away. Dopamine is a hormone that is released in our brains. It has many functions but what it does is make us feel really, really good. That same good feeling you get after a really good workout is because of dopamine. And guess what? When you hear music dopamine is also realized.

Taking guitar lessons also stimulates your brain in a lot of different ways and the result is better memory, better organizational skills and it improves your ability to learn in general. People who play instruments by learning from websites like http://www.guitarspark.com or fender.com are much better at learning foreign languages and picking up other new skills. People who play instruments also avoid a lot of the mental deterioration that naturally comes with age.

Lastly, people find people who play the guitar attractive. If you pick up a guitar you will have many more dates lined up which means more fun which means just an all-around more awesome life. Don’t you want a more awesome life? I thought you would. So, why not start taking guitar lessons today? It also happens to be one of the easiest instruments to learn.